General Kwai Sun e.V. meeting

The incorporated society of Kwai Sun (Kwai Sun e.V.) made best use of the situation in Austria, during their summer excursion to a mountain hut, to hold a general meeting with many members, to discuss in an interactiv conversation the future of the Kara-Ho system in Germany.

This excursion was, of course, an ideal occasion to hold that meeting, since most of the adult members were attendant. Eight of our nine full members were present as well, so this was a solid foundation to discuss important topics and suggestions for improvement of Kara-Ho's organisation and public presentation.

Many things changed around Kara-Ho in Germany in the past year. First of all, some important members left the system, which of course was to be compensated by electing new full members. The three candidates Sensei Daniel Calusic, Sempai Stjepan Bakrac and Klaus Adamovsky were elected unanimously.

Furthermore, a replacement for our former cashier Sensei Alex Greger had to be elected, since Sensei Alex took a leave of absence for a year. Klaus Adamovsky was proposed and elected in unison, since he contributed a lot for Kara-Ho in the past and showed a rare engagement for the system. Thereupon he took his inaugural address to explain the current financial situation of Kara-Ho in Germany and to point out future trends regarding expenses and financial policies.

The most interesting aspect of this meeting however was the intended loan program for talented students. The aim of this program is to give financial support to certain deprived students, who show interest in and engagement for the system and are capable and probable of achieving a high rank within Kara-Ho. There were of course some rules discussed and determined, to make sure this program can't be abused and to provide a certain degree of protection for the student, to make sure that excessive training doesn't affect his life negatively. For instance, his grades in school are controlled on a regular basis, to see if the training influenced his school work.

After about an hour of discussion, all the topics were worked through and the basis for the near future of Kara-Ho in Germany was built.