Events 2006

Events are only for Kara-Ho members - except if it's noted otherwise. Please consult your instructor of you need more information or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Open Ki Seminar - 11/12/ (from 10:00 AM on), TSV München Ost
In this seminar Grandmaster Kuoha will explain "Ki and it's application in self-defense". Read more about it here: Open Ki Seminar
Little Dragons Kids Tournament - 11/11/ (from 9:00 AM on), TSV München Ost
All Mini Martial Artists are invited to the open-style kids tournament. You can read more about it here: Little Dragons Kids Tournament
Demonstation near Dresden - 11/09/ (7:00 PM - 8:0 PM), Cloister Altzella
The Martial Arts Demonstration will be situated in the saxon city Nossen. Finally, there will be performed an ice break by Grandmaster Kuoha. Read more here about the Martial Arts Demonstration
The long night of sports - 07/02/ (7:18 PM - 7:28 PM), Munich Siegestor, Demo-Team
In a ten minute demonstration a first insight in the martial arts system founded by Professor Chow shall be given.
Road Trip 2006 - 06/23/ - /06/25/, Untertiefenbach, Sensei Stephan Fabel
During two exciting days all participants will be going to their mental and physical limits! The motto is: training, training, training! More specifics regarding the program and pricing will be published soon.
Regional Festival - 13th of may in Nossen, Sensei Andreas Haubold
On this day Kara-Ho is presented in the cloister Altzella near Nossen. There will be a demonstration at 4 PM where the Demo-Team shows some Kara-Ho techniques. An info-stand will also be there where you can get answers on your questions arount the martial arts.
Kara-Ho "All-in-one" Class - /04/24/ (3 PM - 6 PM), TSV Ost Ground Floor, Sensei Stephan Fabel Sensei Luca Colonnella, Sensei Alex Greger
All students of the dojo Munich are required to attend this class. If you have problems, please let Sensei Stephan know.
Demonstration - /03/11/ (3 PM), Fitness-World Nossen, Sensei Andreas Haubold
Kara-Ho Demonstration in the Fitness-World on the Talstraße with the following topics:
  • Selfdefence and Martial Arts
  • Katas (forms) with and without weapons
  • Fighting techniques
  • History & philosophy
Children and Youth in Kara-Ho - /01/22/ (1 PM - 5 PM), TSV München Ost, Sensei Stephan Fabel & the DEMO-TEAM
At this open-invitation informational day we will have a lot to offer: a presentation of Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo Karate as a martial art, why Kara-Ho is especially suited to cultivate a positive perspective for our youth and children, a demonstration from our Demo Team along with our smallest members (5 years and up), and several stations to learn and try out some of the things we show and to top it off, for all those who are on fire already for Kara-Ho, we will run a try-out class for all regular and prospective members of Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo Karate!
Members Meeting - /01/21/ (6 PM - 8 PM), Ostkurve, Board of Kwai Sun e.V.
Yearly members meeting of Kwai Sun e.V. - in the "Ostkurve" (restaurant on the premises of TSV Ost e.V. at Sieboldstr. 4, 81677 Munich).
Break-Fall Seminar - /01/21/ (3 PM - 5 PM), TSV München Ost, Sensei Andreas Haubold
In professional atmosphere the participants will learn how to roll and fall correctly. For all members of Kwai Sun e.V., especially for beginner.