The Kwai Sun Co. is the international umbrella organization of Kara-Ho based in the USA. It is headed by Grandmaster Kuoha who is assisted by advisors. Locally, appointed representatives act for the organization. Here in Germany Sensei Stephan Fabel assumes this function. The organization in our country is realized by the "Kwai Sun - Verein für Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo Karate in Deutschland e.V.".

Worldwide there are approximatly 5.000 members in the Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo Karate, all training according to consistent guidelines. The training in modern self-defense techniques and traditional forms is the most essential part of any Kara-Ho class. With strict quality criteria the Training Team ensures consistent and correct techniques worldwide. As a dynamic martial arts system Kara-Ho always changes and adapts to modern times and circumstances and will as such be permanently enhanced. In remembrance on it's root, the man named Professor William Chow, new techniques will be created and the existing ones improved.

Kara-Ho Kempo Karate in the USA

Different Kara-Ho techniques are shown on a demonstration in Arizona:

Self-Defense and Martial Arts

The self-defense techniques consist of a combination of punches, strikes, locks, throws and kicks. There are techniques against one and more opponents and the defense against weapons such as the knife, club, gun or any combination of these. Up to black belt about 80 of these techniques are required to be learned by the practitioner. Half- and full contact sparring is also part of the self-defense training, to increase the intensity level and prepare the student more fully for a possible situation on the street.

Tradional martial arts forms against fictive opponents are named kata. In Kara-Ho, 18 different weapons are taught beside weaponless kata. These Japan-, China-, Philippines- and Hawaii-based weapons are practiced in three kata per weapon, offering an almost infinite training potential.

Another -very important- part of the martial arts training is the practicing of Ki - internal ernergy. As Kara-Ho means the unity of spirit, mind, soul and body in one sphere, the development of Ki skills plays an essential role for the Kara-Ho training.

The acquired knowledge is represented by different belt colors, which are verificable worldwide through serialized certificates. Approximatly seven to eight years of hard training are necessary to reach the black belt.

In Kara-Ho martial arts is a way of respect, of consideration and of peace. This is shown by the positive and caring attitude of the Kara-Ho practitioner.