The Kwai Sun e.V. participates or organizes several projects, that directly or indirectly relate to martial arts. We believe that we are part of a responsible society; the commitment that reaches out to more than just martial arts reflects this philosophy.

Association for Social Work

Since about mid-2005 a cooperation between both Kwai Sun e.V. and the Munich non-profit organization "Verein für Sozialarbeit e.V." exists. This association helps kids and adults in different projects and educational support, for example by teaching people to help themselves or other aid. Together with the VfS, Kwai Sun e.V. works towards the integration of violent kids and youth by including them in regular martial arts classes and teaching them about other ways of reacting to their anger or fear. More information is available on the website of the association at or by writing to the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Little Dragons Tournament

Germany has rightfully been called a hostile country towards kids and their needs. It is nearly impossible to offer young people a healthy environment tailored to their needs. It was to our surprise that we seemed to be the first ones who had the idea of an open-style kids tournament.

Because of our dedication to our young martial artists, the Kwai Sun e.V. founded the initiative "Little Dragons", whose responsibility is to offer a tournament for people of ages 5 - 15 of all martial arts styles for a low fee to enable all people regardless of their monetary situation to participate. Sports, Fun and a positive atmosphere is the primary goal of this tournament, while at the same time being reasonably competitive. We believe that kids are already stressed out enough, and do not need another burden on their minds. Our experience showed that all participants enjoyed this tournament very much and especially liked that it is not (only) about winning, but primarily about participating. We hope to further and to challenge young talents in the field of martial arts, and contribute in this way to a greater good. More information can be found on our website.


Kara-Ho Scholarship

The Kwai Sun e.V. has passed a program for members, who are not able to fulfill their financial requirements to train Kara-Ho. This program is only applicable for students from age 12 on and will include free access to all seminars and training sessions of Kwai Sun e.V. while making all other fees and memberships substantially cheaper for them. We can therefore say that truly everyone can train Kara-Ho, as long as they put their hearts into it. Our motto is "further but also challenge" and as such we demand at least good grades in school (in Germany 2.5 or below) and strict attendance at all seminars and classes of Kwai Sun e.V. - with the exception that if they need to fulfill academic, family or confessional requirements that serve as valid excuses. Our by-laws have been changed accordingly. If you're interested in participating, please ask your headinstructor.