The training in Kara-Ho is divided up into different ranks, which are mirrored in the colors of the kyu belts. The attending of the necessary testings are important part to advance in the martial art. A certified black belt or his authorized substitute can hold an official testing.

The Kwai Sun e.V. as the umbrella organization in Germany, do not award ranks and degrees but it only acknowledge them. The association forwards the proposal for promotion in USA where a certificate will be issued. This allocates worldwide that the testing has been held and passed.

With passing the test, additional promotion fees are being charged:

Rank Fee
11th Kyu 35,- €
10th Kyu 40,- €
9th Kyu 45,- €
8th Kyu 55,- €
7th Kyu 60,- €
6th Kyu 65,- €
5th Kyu 80,- €
4th Kyu 85,- €
3th Kyu 90,- €

You can expect an average time within each rank of three months in the beginning ranks (up to 8th Kyu), until 2nd Kyu it usually takes half a year of constant training to move one. From 1st Kyu on, it takes a year in each rank to be eligible for promotion. 

If you are a black belt of another system and want to switch to Professor Chow's Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo Karate, please write to Sensei Stephan Fabel.