Professor William Kwai Sun Thunderbolt Chow

In the middle 70's, he received a call from his mother, who was a friend of Patsy Chow, and Professor Chow was finally located and was willing to speak to Kuoha. It should be noted that all efforts during this time to contact Kuheana again proved futile. Kuoha flew back to Hawaii and spent a few weeks with Professor Chow. He had no regular students at that time.

Kuoha started to train again with Professor Chow and having the ability to take several vacations during the year, he did so (as a law enforcement officer he built a lot of compensatory time and would have between 8-10 weeks each year). The training was intense and visits with his own family was very scarce. In a 3 week period, Kuoha and Chow would spend everyday from 9 AM to 10 PM. Kuoha wanted to become dedicated and wanted to prove to not only himself, but to Professor Chow that he was exactly that, a dedicated student.

Professor at times would relay the disatisfaction of many people who came to visit him for a few hours and then he would hear that they were making claims of being a dedicated and devoted students of his, and he was very upset with them.

As of September, 1987 at the untimely passing of Professor William K.S. Chow, Kuoha was still and today remains a dedicated and devoted student.